Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

Crew Member Hauling Debris with Full face mask on

Getting rid of Mold Carpets.

SERVPRO's crew member is Lake George, removing mold carpets from a hotel room. As you can see, he is where a full faced respirator and heavy duty gloves to protect himself from any hazardous materials. 

Crew in Full PPE cleaning up mold debris

SERVPRO of North Rensselaer/South Washington Counties is back in Lake George.

SERVPRO'S New York State Mold Remediation Specialists are back in Lake George, undergoing mold remediation for a hotel. Part of our mold remediation process is crew safety. You can see in this picture our Crew Member is donning full Personal Protection Gear including, White Tyvek Suits, thick latex gloves and full faced respirator. We believe it is always safe to don full ppe during mold remediation. Give us a call for any questions on our Mold Remedation Process! 518-677-3444.