Water Damage Photo Gallery

Crew Member Extracting Water from a Basement

Spring Time Extraction

Once Spring time comes in the North Country, we are faced with heavy water from the winter thaw.  We see a lot of homes in our area that suffer from outside water entering their homes. This particular home is located in a flood zone. The house has 3 sump pumps in place and even those couldn't keep up from last winters thaw out. 

Demolition of Floors in Hoosick Falls NY

DEMO DAY at SERVPRO of North Rensselaer/South Washington Counties

Today is Demo Day! One our crews favorite part about any water job. These hardwood floors could not be saved and we are pulling them up to dry the home out and get rid of any un wanted water buried underneath the floors padding. Give us a Call! 

Severe Mold Damage Clean Up - Troy, NY

Severe Mold Damage

Most mold damage phone calls are for minor issues in an attic or basement. This was an abnormal situation where the house sat empty for a long period of time with no power. Due to no power, the sump pump was not running and the standing water in the basement created mold throughout the entire home.

Mold Damage Can Cause Health Problems

Mold Damage

This picture is from a home that had been affected by extreme water damage. If wet materials are not taken care of immediately, mold will begin to grow. In this case, the house sat for a long period of time without being dried, which made for the perfect growing conditions for mold.

Flooded basements in Capital Region of New York

Flooded basement

We try to explain to our customers the importance of fixing the cause of water intrusion before mitigation begins. Most insurance companies do not pay for secondary mitigation when initial mitigation has already been started. This job site did not have their source properly fixed causing even further damage.

Averill Park New York freeze up from jacuzzi flood

Averill Park freeze up

A third floor Jacuzzi tub supply line froze and flooded an entire home. With so much excess water, it found its way through the eaves to the outside of the house and froze do to the extreme cold. The ice started almost 20 feet off the ground and was about 3 feet thick in some areas!

Wood Rot in NY

This photo was taken in a vacant house that had been left sitting for 2 years. When the new homeowners took it apart, it was discovered that water had been leaking in through the windows, and the wood was rotting. Good thing we were there to help!

Water Damage in Rupert, Vermont

Water Damage in Rupert, Vermont

After a pipe burst in a Vermont home, the water froze under the house due to extremely low temperatures. We were able to use an outside heating source which melted the ice, and we were able to dry the sub-floor.